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Cypress is a large school, but we try hard to keep a small, family ethos. We do this through our leadership structure and groupings. Our school has a considerable leadership team that allows us to organise ourselves in smaller "hubs", each lead by a senior leader. We have one overall Head Teacher who takes the strategic lead on all aspects of school development. We also have each 2 year group section (Early years, key stage 1, lower key stage 2 and upper key stage 2) managed by a phase leader and each year group by a year by a Year Group Leader or lead teacher. Each site has a dedicated Assistant and (non-classed based) Deputy Head Teacher. Running alongside this structure, we also have a non-classed based additional, Assistant Head Teacher dedicated to inclusion of all of our children.

Our school organisation and management teams also work well across the sites with an overall School Manager leading the administrative staff in the 3 school offices and an overall Site Manager leading the Assistant Caretakers.

Children start school at 2 years old at Cypress. The 2 and 3 year old children are welcomed to school in our "Little Cypress" Building.

Reception through to year 2 (4-7 year olds) are welcomed in the main building on the infant site.

Year 3 to 6 are welcomed in our junior building on our junior site.

Classes on the infant site are named after colours and on the junior site they are named after tree types.

All our classes in the early years; 2 to 5 year olds have teachers and learning assistants in class all day. Additional staff come into support at lunch times.

Supporting individuals who may be at different levels of development is achieved by key workers being assigned to children. These key workers ensure that targets are set appropriately to support and challenge at a level appropriate to each individual child.

In Key stages 1 and 2 (year 1 to 6) the class teacher will provide support and challenge through differing activities and expectations appropriate to individuals.

However, in these key stages there are a small number of assistants who support children with high levels of need as part of a central inclusion team. This will mean that to access learning some children may need some support on a 1:1 or very small group basis in the classroom. As well as our inclusion teaching assistants, this central inclusion team this will include our higher level staff; our family support workers, learning mentors and speech and language therapist.

As well as challenge being offered in class to children, there will be times when more able children may be taught separately to offer them the opportunity to work with other more able children across the year group.

The inclusion team is lead and managed by Mrs Okore our inclusion manager.

From years 1 to 6 there is a team of highly trained "Learning assistants". These focus either on delivering reading and writing or maths support and intervention. The learning assistants are attached to a year group and have a "Home Class" that they work with each day at play and lunch time. For the rest of the time they support children across the year group working to a time table developed by senior leaders.

All the "English Learning Assistants" are line managed by a "Lead teacher for English Interventions" on the teaching staff and the "Maths Learning Assistants" by a "Lead teacher for Maths Interventions".

This restructure aims to help more of our children reach expected levels of attainment. As a school we compare very favourably nationally for our middle and more able attainers, but not so well in the progress and attainment of our less able children. We are working hard to change that.

The school employs two permanent members of staff for cover for planning, preparation and assessment time for teachers, which is their entitlement. We also use our cover staff to teach classes when our teachers may have extra leadership duties, appointments and meetings or are not well enough to come to work. By employing permanent cover staff we aim to reduce the reliance on guest staff with whom the children may be less familiar. We cannot completely avoid this, but we hope we can minimise it.

All teachers are entitled to 10% of their contact time to be released from their teaching duties so that they can focus on their planning, preparation and assessment. This is known as their PPA time.

In Early years (2YO to reception) teachers are released for half a day a week for their planning, preparation and assessment time.

In years 1 to 6 children are taught a variety of activities by specialist staff while their own teachers plan together. The specialist staff are referred to as PPA tutors and the sessions as PPA sessions

The school also offers wrap around care from 7:30am until 6:00pm. This is managed by the school and is not leased out to any other organisation.

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