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The governing board of Cypress Primary School comprises 12 people as follows:

The Head Teacher
One elected staff governor
One local authority appointed governor
Two elected parent governors
Seven co-opted governors selected on skill set and comprising a maximum of three parent governors, two staff governors.

Governors meet as a full governing board 10 times a year.

Full Governing Board Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the meetings are published here.

This is our Governors Register of Attendance

This is our Governance Impact Statement

Sub Committees

There are two sub-committees:

Leadership committee meets at the beginning of each term and comprises the Head Teacher and the lead governors in curriculum, human resources, safeguarding and finance.

Performance management committee meets at least annually together with a representative from the Local Authority to review the performance of the Head Teacher.

Full Governing Board:
Dr Marsha Douglas - Chair - Co-opted Governor from May 2014
Ms Nadine Anderson - Co-opted Governor from July 2015
Mrs Kathy Bee - Local Authority Governor - re-appointed May 2014
Ms Nicky Godetz - Head Teacher
Mr Andre Luck - Co-opted Governor - re-appointed July 2015
Miss Eunice O'Dame - Parent Governor from May 2014
Mrs Louise Shadbolt - Co-opted Staff Governor (non-teaching) from January 2013
Mr Richard Steele (Vice-Chair) - Co-opted Governor from July 2015
Ms Beverley Nutter - Parent Governor from November 2016
Ms Alexandra Toogood - Co-opted Governor from December 2016
Ms Emer O'Neill - Staff Governor (teaching) from November 2016

Penny Jordan

Leadership Committee:
Marsha Douglas
Nicky Godetz
Richard Steele

Performance Management Committee:
Nicky Godetz
Andre Luck
Eunice O'Dame
Richard Steele

About our governors

Image of Nadine Anderson

Nadine Anderson

I became a co-opted school governor in July 2015.

I have worked within the public sector for over 25 years, with the last 10 years at senior leadership level providing strategic advice, support and challenge at board level within local government and the NHS. I have also lead and worked on initiatives which has contributed towards improving outcomes for children and young people within Croydon.

A South Norwood resident I have been a mentor for over 20 years supporting young people in visualising and reaching their full potential.

I bring to the board both my professional and local experience along with a passion and commitment towards continually improving educational outcomes for children.

'Labor for learning before you grow old;
For learning is better than silver or gold.
Silver and gold will vanish away,
But a good education will never decay!'

Image of Kathy Bee

Kathy Bee

I became a parent governor in 2005 when my son attended Cypress Junior School. I am now a local councillor for South Norwood and an LA Governor. I chaired the governing board from 2006 for 6 years.

Being on Cypress GB has been a great experience; we have seen plenty of changes in the years that I have been a governor and have dealt with many challenges. Being a governor has been an opportunity to bring my skills and experience of many years working in the public sector to support the development of the school. It has been a richly rewarding experience which from which I have learnt plenty.

Image of Marsha Douglas

Marsha Douglas

Safeguarding Governor
Inclusion Governor
Humanities link

I became a parent school governor in May 2014. I have been part of the Cypress Community for over ten years. I have two daughters, one who is in year ten and the other is in year four. I have over thirteen years experience of working with children, families and teaching staff, from a range of different settings. I currently work full time in education, primarily with children with special educational needs. I get to visit a wide range of schools and hope that my experiences can help inform the continuing development of Cypress Primary. I think it is essential that Cypress continues to be an inclusive school that works with parents and ensures that learning is fun and accessible for all.

Image of Nicky Godetz

Nicky Godetz

I have worked with the Cypress Community since 1995. I first arrived as deputy head teacher of the Infant School. When the then head teacher (Mrs Alexander) decided that it was time to retire, I successfully secured the position as head teacher. When the Governing Body made the decision to bring the Infant and Junior Schools under the leadership of one head teacher, I secured that role too. So you now find me, since September 2012, the very proud and committed head teacher of Cypress Primary School. Those mathematicians amongst you will have quickly worked out that I first came to work with The Cypress Community 20 years ago. During that time, I have been a part of many changes, and seen many lovely staff, governors, pupils and families come and go. I have also seen the schools grow in size, age range, popularity and join to become one. Cypress is a fantastic place to work. All head teachers will say that their school is unique and special, but mine is! We have a truly mixed school intake in terms of culture, resilience, ability, religious beliefs, wealth and aspiration. We are inclusive and work well with children and families who are experiencing challenges to get them to be able to achieve well . We are also expert at stretching children and families who already come to us able to be challenged to achieve well. Cypress is an exciting, forward thinking school that puts itself at the heart of its community, working with, and listening to, all its members; children, staff, parents and carers, governors and local community voices. We use these views, and the evidence of where we have done well, to reflect and move forward. So, there is always something new to throw ourselves into. Don't I tire of being with the same community for such a time? I don't have time to tire, I am too busy leading new things and moving the school onward and upwards.

Image of Andre Luck

Andre Luck

On Finance side of things since 2000
ICT link governor
Maths link governor (with Richard Steele)
Part of Inclusion team

Governor since 1998 - initially parent, then LA, then community now co-opted. Deeply committed to Cypress. Long history of involvement in education, initially from volunteer reading schemes. Have worked in secondary education since 2009 with special interest in curriculum enrichment - currently through Duke of Edinburgh and RAF cadet leadership. Background (decades long...) of IT project management and software development.

Eunice ODame

Eunice O'Dame

Link Governor for PSHE
Safe Guarding Governor
Governor's Induction and Training
School Trips, In school Days, Events, Openings and other activities

I was elected Parent Governor in May 2014 (term of office 2014 - 2018). I joined the Cypress community when my son started at Cypress school in 2010, he is currently in year 5.

Since joining the governing board, I continue to be a Safeguarding Governor and previously have been Vice Chair of the Curriculum Committee for almost a year, with focus subjects areas - English, Arts and Drama. It is very rewarding being part of a dedicated group of governors who work tirelessly to make sure every child and their families have the best experience this school can offer.

I have over twenty years experience working with a diverse range of professionals from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds both in business and commerce; the public sector and the voluntary sector.

I currently work in the public sector for the Department of Education and Social Services. I understand the importance of preparing our children to thrive in a continuously challenging and changing world. As such, I will listen and try to understand your views and perspectives. I am enthusiastically committed to supporting the staff and parents in delivering a rich education that meets the needs of the pupils and the school as a whole.

No Image

Louise Shadbolt

I am the support staff governor and have a long association with Cypress school. All four of my own children attended Cypress and I am very proud to have held a number of different roles within school. I am currently the Manager of the 2 Year Olds in Little Cypress.

Image of Richard Steele

Richard Steele

Member of the full governing board, leadership and performance management committees.
Subject governor link with Maths.

I was elected a parent governor 5 years ago and all three of my sons attended the school, with my youngest (Theo) currently in year 3. Being from a business background, I have learnt loads about the huge challenges and issues schools face today. I find it hugely rewarding to be able to use my financial, managerial and leadership experience in a completely different environment to help the school to continually improve.

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