Grammar Week

We have had a fantastic week at school focusing on ensuring that we are making great progress in knowing how to apply correct grammar expectations.

The week started with a show called “Grammar Girl”. There were three performances, each aimed at different age groups: years 1 and 2, 3 and 4 and 5 and 6. The shows taught the expected grammar knowledge related to the age groups.

The show was very action packed and based on a superhero story-line. The children enjoyed it very much, as did the staff. I hope you have been able to speak with your children about what they have been learning in school.

Grammar Week Posters, the winners are announced.


Infants: Kaleb—Blue class  Juniors: Yasmin—Elm class

Well done to the winners, who will each receive a book voucher.

Well done to everyone who took part; we had lots of fun doing the posters and looking at them. Now let’s hope we remember to incorporate their messages routinely into our writing!

Folk Dance Remixed

Celebrating Diversity through Dance
The week beginning September 12th 2016 we very fortunate to have a dance group in residency at Cypress. The school year started with a a whole school focus on diversity in the performing arts.

The Folk Dance Remixed started the week off with an
amazing show on the school field. The children and staff were completely transfixed as they watched the group perform a show that fused Bollywood, African, Street and various styles of English Folk Dance together.

What was also a fantastic experience for the children is that this was all performed to live music: bass, fiddle, bongos and an amazing human “beat boxer.”

Natural Mobiles

“On Wednesday 8th June 2016, years three, four, five and six made natural mobiles out of willow sticks and pretty things that were collected in our very own school garden. We started by bending the willow into a circular shape and weaving another two around it. After that, using wool that the gardeners had bought, we weaved it through the hoops to make a beautiful pattern. The to complete the nature style we covered it with nature’s glory. To finish our lesson, we tied them to a fence and hung them on a tree.”

By Aiza, Alice, Emma and Lara.

Big lunch

Today we had an excellent time at big lunch. All children dressed up as kings and Queens and met their parents on the field for a picnic. 






Day 3 at Butlins

Oh oh we’re halfway there… Yes 2  more sleeps before we head back and sooooo much to do!!

Today we tried out some new activities… climbing, high ropes,
fencing, archery and even sandcastle construction! Check out our twitter for pictures!

It was a bit colder today but the sun is back tomorrow so suncream at the ready.



Day 2 Cypress@Butlins

There  was a lot of tired faces this morning! We don’t think a lot of people understood  the meaning of ‘lights out’ but they certainly do now #tired
Breakfast was divine, but no waffles?  However the incredible  cooked breakfast made up for it. There was an early morning expedition to the beach although not many people could wake up for it!
After breakfast we started our day’s activities. These included fencing, sport and puzzles. Lunch was amazing (as expected),
So we have finished our daytime activities and are now off to karaoke. ..well apart from the girls in G103 who have locked themselves out in a mission impossible style .
By Arthur, Enzo, Imran; Kane amd Travis


Day one at Butlins

Day one at Butlins has been really fun. The journey was long  but we saw lots of intresting things like Stonehenge, cows, sheep and  horses. There was also a lot of good music . When we arrived we went to our rooms. We were all fighting over which beds we wanted. The rooms have a lot of space and we really like them. We did a tour of the Butlins site, it was amazing! We can’t wait to climb the big wall.

The food is delicious and they have good portions and the presentation of the deserts looks very pretty. Picture to follow  tomorrow!

After  dinner  we make up stories about egg protection and after that  we had to protect water balloons in box.




Looking forward  to our first night !

By  Sienna & Nia Continue reading “Day one at Butlins”

Street Art

Last term, years 2 & 3 learnt about street art.  We started with ‘reappropriation’  using art and our imaginations to turn everyday things into something else).
We then had a go at writing our names in a colourful street art style, before learning about ‘social commentary’ and how simple art and images can convey ideas and opinions, which is especially important for helping people who may not have a voice, to find theirs.
We chose our favourite messages (love and harmony) to share with school in chalk on the playground.


Maya Day in year 5

This week, on Monday, we were very privileged to have been visited by some Ancient Maya Peoples. They shared aspects of their culture throughout the day.

We thank them for their visit and cultural exchanges and we hope that they returned safely to their own time.

ART WEEK Displays 2016

We invite you all to look at our Cypress Primary Arts Week 2016 achievements.

Our theme this year was ‘Diversity’.  The range of work reflects artists and art styles from around the world.

Well done everyone for all your efforts in creating the school hall banners.  think you’ll agree they all look great!

See below for responses from the children to others artworks.

Mrs Lodge
Arts Team

  • “I think it’s interesting” – Safiya
  • Indigo class- “It’s got nice warm colours” – Savannah
  • Indian art- “I like them because they’ve got colourful elephants in a line” – Ali
  • Green class- “It’s colourful and they used more than just primary colours” – Angel
  • Celtic Art- “I like how the cut out paper designs are positioned. It reminds me of portals” – Felix
  • Blue Class- “I like it because the roots and vines are connected, like people are” – Max
  • Aboriginal Art- “I like the dots and the colours. There’s a big snake on the back too!” -Saara
  • Kenyan art- “I like the people”- Shayden
  • Violet Class “This is the best one. Definitely!” -Angel (Violet Class)
  • Picasso – “The instruments look weird!” -Miles
  • Handprints – “I like the difference in the coloured paper and the dark” -Safiya
  • Photo faces- “I like those. They’re weird and funny” -Harrison
  • Turquoise- “The dark makes me think of sad” – Aaliyah
  • Volcano art- “It’s really cool!” -Malique

I like the difference (contrast) between the bright and dark colours – Rubi
I like all the things that people chose that were special to them -Ceira
‘I like the idea of the tree of life’ -Samuel

Birch Class:
I like the colourful layout -Amelia
It looks like different seasons- Jennifer

Holly Class:
I like the design of the letters going down – Sam
When you look closely you notice hidden objects that you don’t see at first -Ben

I like how they used primary and secondary colours -Nzar
It’s very bright and strong – Miles

Poplar Class:
I like the arrows around the art -Lenny
It’s simple and bold -Maimi

Frida Kahlo:
I like how the colour around the faces make up the Italian flag -Ben

It’s interesting how they’ve used all their names in the art- Samuel
I like how they’ve used to dots to make up an image -Amelia

I like how they’ve done the British flag over and under -Jennifer
They have made it look like a dream -Lenny

Willow class:
I really like the details- Jasmine
I really like comic art -Zack

Keith Haring:
I like the pictures they’ve used, they’re simple and they flow -Ben
I like the yellow background, it’s bold and stands out -Lenny

Beech Class:
I like the brick wall background, it’s effective -Jennifer
I like that people can get other people to listen to them when they write things on walls-Miles (we’d done street art as a means of social commentary in art that day)

It’s funny -Billy
I like the movement lines in this picture -Miles

Celebrating Diversity: Heritage Presentations

Here is a sample of the heritage presentations shared at school over the last few weeks.

It has been an honour to listen to children sharing their family stories in assembly.

They are all so confident and proud when sharing.

The children listening are captivated and have shown their appreciation brilliantly.

Thank you for your support in helping the children to bring these presentations together.

Art from Different Cultures

This month in preparation for One World Week we are exploring art from different cultures.

The children had the opportunity to make African masks, Akuaba doll scratch art and design henna patterns and Mexican sugar skulls.

We have also been looking at art from a different angle!

Holly class started by learning a about Michelangelo’s paintings on the Sistine Chapel then had a go at drawing upside down.

Then we looked at paintings by Mouth & Foot Artists and tried painting using our mouths to hold the paintbrush. This was trickier than it looks!

Finally we looked at different pictures done by Pointillist artists and using cotton buds, made some original aboriginal art.