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Our results this year have shown a significant improvement in writing from 81% to 87% and up to 99% 2 levels progress. This is an area for improvement we have been really targeting, so well done everyone.

The all-important figure of how many children attained a level 4 or more in reading, writing and maths has remained the same as last year at 76%.

We have slightly improved on the number of children attaining level 5 in reading and writing too. We have gone from 45 % to 47% of our children attaining a level 5 in reading and 29 % to 30% in writing.

However, we are a bit disappointed that our reading and maths scores for level 4 and above have dropped. In reading, we have dropped from 87% to 85% and maths from 86% to 83%. At level 5 in maths, we have dropped from 41% to 38%.

There has been a great deal of turnover in our current year 6. Many of the children who have joined us this year came in very far below the expected age-related attainment levels. They have needed lots of support and we have given this to them. As a result of this support, they have made amazing progress. However, their attainment is not where children of their age are expected to be. It is, though, a really positive picture for them and a celebration for the school.

When we look at results for children who were with us just from year 4, the figure for children attaining level 4 or more in reading, writing and maths goes to 81%, 5% up on last year and above last year's national figure.

We are a very inclusive school; I know that is what many of you love about Cypress, and would not want to change. One of the very positive things we can take away from our results is that we are inclusive and do put in place lots of support for children, but our children still attain really highly. You only have to look at the number of level 5s we have to see that.

Many thanks to all our staff and pupils who have worked incredibly hard this year. Also, thanks to all our families who have supported them so well too.

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